About The V.I.P. College Prep Program

The Village Initiative Project, Inc.


College Preparatory & Life Skills Program’s main goal is to expose underserved students to college life through weekly college prep and life skills workshops, along with 4-5 college tours per year.

V.I.P. staff have 25+ years of experience working with youth in Bridgeport, Connecticut area high schools. The majority of V.I.P. counselors are alumni of the program. Most are college graduates or have had some college experience. They have dedicated themselves to sharing their experiences with students from the Bridgeport area high schools they attended. Weekly meetings consists of workshops on the following: Time Management, Study Habits, Listening Skills, Public Speaking, Note Taking, SAT Prep, Financial Literacy, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Nutrition, Career Goals, Tutoring, High School/College Course Selections, Current/Global events, etc.

Through referrals from Principals, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, Alumni, Parents, the Community, and word of mouth, students are enrolled in “V.I.P.’s” College Prep Program.

It is the task of the volunteer counselors to stimulate a desire, and maintain an interest within enrollees to attend college and further prepare them for life after high school. By providing the necessary tools, information, and exposure, V.I.P. has been successful in sparking an interest in thousands of students who otherwise would not be aware of or have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of higher education.


Mission & Vision

Paving The Way To A Brighter Future

To substantially increase the number of minority youth capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership within their communities and society. V.I.P. works with 6-8th and 9-12th grade students in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area to help them access expanded educational and career opportunities to optimize their potential and improve the quality of their lives.